Compliance is either a state of being in accordance with the Established Guidelines, Specifications, or Legislation, or the process of becoming so.
Due to the increasing number of Regulations and need for Operational Transparency, organizations are increasingly adopting the use of Consolidated and Harmonized sets of compliance controls. This approach is used to ensure that all necessary governance requirements can be met without the unnecessary duplication of efforts and activity from resources.

Legasis Approach

Legasis understands that since the legal system is very complex, companies are affected by various national, state and local laws. Since every company has a unique operational setup and is spread over different geographical locations, Legasis believes that no two compliance management systems are the same.
Our approach is to conduct an as-is analysis and a gap assessment as a part of every compliance mandate, conforming to the Global Best Practice in compliance management. This ensures that every Legasis compliance management programme is customized to meet the client’s satisfaction.

C-Mission stands for Compliance Mission. It is an initiative by Legasis Services to create an environment of compliance which has its mission objective as adoption of an effective and sustainable compliance program. Since the importance of compliance is stressed on enough in all corporate settings, what Legasis aims to create is not only a system of compliance but also a harmonious work culture, which is embedded in the corporate work ethic.
  • Bringing in Compliance Culture across jurisdictions
  • Empowering compliance professionals with Pride, Respect & Empowerment
  • Compliance Pledge (C-Pledge)
  • Shifting of paradigm from action to behaviour

Common Sense Approach

Recognizing that a Common-Sense Approach would require capacity building & skill development, at legasis we are creating recombinant DNA of Compliances by providing our clients with a complete range of services and solutions to develop a tailor made common sense approach towards their compliances. ISO 19600 standards, tailor-made indemnity insurance cover, careful designing of the compliance program and creating the DNA of compliance (not just culture of compliance) amongst the business and compliance professionals are becoming an integral part of the Common-Sense Approach towards compliance, which Legasis strives to provide to its client partners.